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Zo Gallery is an inclusive Arts Space with many multi-media exhibitions and projects.

Owned by Dara Lorenzo

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Welcome to Fragment(ed)ing, an exhibition that explores the wide-ranging concept of fragmentation and what it means to be whole. In today’s world, built from remnants of “dissolved social organizations, mass movements past, ruined states, and crippled notions of the public sphere,” does it still make sense to think about wholeness? The artworks featured here offer diverse answers and pose further questions.


Explore three rooms where artists delve into themes such as:


  • Environmental and Historical Remnants: Lost histories in urban and rural settings.

  • Fracturing Reality: Examples of the limits and expansion of AI and the digital realm.

  • Bodily and Societal Differences: How we perceive and construct identities.


Inspired by 20th-century French philosopher Guy Debord and Gregory Scholette’s 2011 text Dark Matter, this exhibition invites you to ponder: What is wholeness? Debord’s idea of society as a spectacle is a key influence. He suggested that our information age creates pseudo-worlds, or “spectacles” focused on entertainment. Our contemporary spectacle is reality, supporting those in power. Yet, Debord believed we could resist this by creating situations—real-world events and exhibitions (like this one) driven by curiosity. In an era of digital reality, AI, Deepfakes, and fake news, what will our world become?


Through the works of eleven contemporary artists, the ideas of Debord and Scholette, though from different times, come alive. What answers or new questions will we discover? What is the fate of our high-tech spectacle? 


Please dive into Fragment(ed)ing and join the conversation. What does wholeness mean to you in a fragmented world?


Special Thanks To: Zo Gallery, all of the artists, my students who helped install the show, and the Maryland State Arts Council for sponsoring the exhibition

Curated by Liz Faust


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Please apply by May 31st @

SHOW TITLE: “Oodles of Doodles”

Open call to artists and anyone interested in submitting artwork for this juried exhibition.
Looking for submissions of original artwork. Something that you create in a half trance-like state. Semi subconscious art if you will, Some might call it Situationist Art or an artistic meander. One doodle can be defined as a drawing or sketches done on a napkin or surface as you are talking on the phone. Inherently we can all be artists in life. You may have something that you made and have always wanted others to see it. Bring your beginner's mind, space out and doodle it! Artwork can be any medium. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, assemblage, works on fabric, etc.

Submission Guidelines
Please write a small statement about your work describing your doodles, how you made them and why they are a doodle. 1-3 artworks submitted by each artist. Please compile all information into a single digital PDF.
Please label with: Title, Dimensions, Medium, Year Made
Files can be saved as : lastname_firstname
The PDF must be under 5MB
Submit original work to: due by May 31st… 9pm

Thank you for your attention, and please come by and enjoy a bit of what is happening in Baltimore's art scene. See you there, art lovers! Let's make some memories together!

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